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Wait...  That's a hard thing to do, isn't it?  We get tired of waiting on God some times, and instead of trusting his plan for our lives, we take matters in to our own hands, and we mess up.

In Genesis chapter 16, Sarai and Abram, the mom and dad of the nation, mess up.  God has promised them offspring.  She's 65, he's 75.

God says, “I'm going to build a great nation through you.”

And Sarai says, “Old ladies don't have babies.”

God says, “Trust me.”  

He has a plan.  He is in control.  And we must wait.

But friend, that's a hard thing for us to do, to wait on God.  The world tells us we can do it in our own power, our own way, and we buy the lies, don't we?  We come up with our own plan and want God to be okay with it.  We want God to make it happen for us – the perfect job, the perfect husband or wife, the perfect house, and perfect kids.

This is what Sarai did.  She came up with her own plan.  She convinces Abram to have a child with her maidservant, Hagar.  They have a boy and name him Ishmael.  They think this is the son God has promised them.  This is the son who nations will be born from.  But God says, “Not my plan.  He's not the one.  Sarai will have a son, and you will call him Isaac.”

And through Isaac came THE plan – the plan to get us back to God.  Thank you, God, that your way is perfect!

We can choose our own way, and it can work, but God has a better plan for us if we just trust him, if we give him our hearts.  What does that mean?  It means we surrender our will for His.  It means we surrender our lives to him and we let him lead us according to HIS plan.  When we buy in to the lies of the world, when we make decisions based on circumstances or feelings and not on God's promises, we mess up.  And then we think we have to earn our way back in to God's good graces.  But he doesn't want our promises or our good deeds or any works.   All he ever wants is our hearts. 

There is freedom that comes when you walk according to God's plan for your life.  All the guesswork is gone.  The story is already written.  All you have to do is trust him and follow him.  

What do you need to lay before God today?  What do you need to trust Him with?  A job, a family, finances, healing?  Give your heart to God and let Him work out His plan for your life.

Lord, you're the King of my life forever.  I'm handing it all over to you.  My past, my present, and my future, and I'm trusting you. I am believing in your perfect plan, and I'm giving you control of everything.  Amen.




(Mark Hall, Bernie Herms)

I just looked up today
And realized how far away I am from where You are
You gave me life worth dying for
But between the altar and the door
I bought the lies that promised more
And here I go again     

Lord, I know I let You down
But somehow, I will make You proud
I’ll turn this sinking ship around
And make it back to You

But all my deeds and my good name
Are just dirty rags that tear and strain
To cover all my guilty stains
That You already washed away

 (‘Cause) All You’ve ever wanted
All You’ve ever wanted
All You’ve ever wanted was my heart
Freedom’s arms are open
My chains have all been broken
Relentless love has called me from the start
And all You wanted was my heart

I was chasing healing when I’d been made well
I was fighting battles when You conquered hell
Living free but from a prison cell
Lord, I lay it down today

So I’ll stop living off of how I feel
And start standing on Your truth revealed
Jesus is my strength, my shield
And He will never fail me

No more chains, I’ve been set free
No more fighting battles You’ve won for me
Now in Christ, I stand complete

About the Song

“It’s about combating that logic we have in us that says when we fail, we need to make it right. We think we need to make things right with God. We think we’ve got to make Him proud again. We think we’ve got to give back to God. Not only does it NOT work, it’s not needed. We’re fighting a battle that’s already won and that’s what this song is about.” 


  • Colossians 1:13-14
  • Ephesians 2:1-9
  • Romans 3:21-31 
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